What Situations Are Search and Rescue Dogs Used In?

Many people know search and rescue dogs from highly dramatized TV shows. While those shows certainly have a basis in truth, they aren’t entirely accurate.

There are two main groups of search and rescue dogs. Air Scenting dogs follow scents in the air until they find who they are searching for. Trailing dogs follow scents left behind on the environment. Typically, air-scenting dogs are used for natural disasters, and trailing dogs are used for certain missing person cases.

Below are some of the situations where search and rescue dogs are utilized.

Help Find People After Natural Disasters

When natural disasters strike, many areas bring certified search and rescue dogs to help find victims. People are often trapped under rubble or in their homes, and search and rescue dogs are able to locate and alert to their positions.

Help Find Missing Persons

Unfortunately, people often go missing for many different reasons. Recent years have seen increased suicides, substance abuse, and people leaving their homes or escaping dangerous situations. Search and rescue dogs are often utilized to help find people with Alzheimer’s disease who may have wandered from their homes or care facility.

Search and rescue dogs are brought in to assist in finding these missing people, either by alerting authorities and paramedics to their position or by having a team follow them.

Any Time-Sensitive Situation

Search and Rescue dogs work well under pressure. They are trained professionals and are brought in for any time-sensitive situation to locate who they’re looking for. Much like emotional support and psychiatric service dogs, the best dog to be trained for a search and rescue dog is one you have a strong bond with.

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