Just How Can Dogs Sense Our Emotions?

A sad elderly woman hugging a dog

While we discussed the importance of psychiatric service dogs and the benefits they provide, you may still be wondering, “how?”. This is a fair question- and it is one that, truthfully, many scientists are still studying! While many scientists are still figuring out the exact how, they have come to some conclusions that they are focusing in… Read more »

The Importance of Psychiatric Service Dogs

Therapy dog in a red vest with a teddy bear next to it

With the COVID-19 pandemic came a large uptick in mental health crises. The past two years have been hard on just about everyone, whether prior conditions were worsened by isolation or the bombardment of news bringing on new fears, leading to agoraphobia, anxiety, panic disorders, and depression. With this, many have begun to utilize psychiatric service… Read more »

West Virginia Sheriff’s Office Dog

Fetch and More works with the Mineral County, West Virginia Sheriff’s Office, and NASRO, the National Association of School Resource Officers, to bring therapy dogs to schools.

North Vernon Service Dogs

Fetch and More thanks the North Vernon, Indiana, Police Department for helping us train our newest service dog client!

Funeral Home Welcomes Comfort Dog

John trained and certified the funeral homes’ comfort dog “Willow” in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws. Here is the link to the article: News Article

Michigan Maritime Museum Settlement

Fetch and More Universal Training would like to profusely thank the Michigan Maritime Museum for working with us and the Michigan Department of Civil Rights on attaining a settlement that will allow all properly trained service dogs into their museum! Fetch and More: tireless advocates for our disabled clients. Executed Settlement Agreement

University of Maryland’s Campus Emotional Support Dog

Fetch and More is proud to train the University of Maryland’s Campus Emotional Support Dog, Chip. John Bellocchio (far right) will work with Sgt. Jamie Cheatem of the University of Maryland Police (far left) over the next several months to train Chip to be an Emotional Support Dog and Campus Response Dog in the unfortunate… Read more »