About Us

John Bellocchio and police officers with their dogs

Our lead instructor John Bellocchio is a fully accredited behaviorist and professional with more than 20 years of experience working with dogs – and other animals – throughout rural, suburban, and urban settings.  John has trained service dogs, psychiatric service dogs, therapy dogs, dogs for work in schools, bomb and arson detection dogs, diabetic alert and seizure dogs, and more.  John also trains dogs to work in the “guarding” industry, following your state’s guidelines and insurance regulations to the letter.  John holds a B.Sc. in Diplomacy and International Relations, a Master’s in Rural Land Dispute Resolution from the University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, Canada, and an Ed.S. in Behavioral Sciences from Seton Hall University.


John is a veteran of two decades of leadership in some of the most difficult
environments possible in both the public and private sector. He also suffers from
PTSD, and anxiety, and has used those usually detrimental issues to his advantage –
and the advantage of his clients. John has spent a lifetime helping sufferers of PTSD,
anxiety, and depression find their voice, become their own advocate, and through
working with their dogs, free themselves from the chains that these issues often unfairly,
even cruelly, impose upon people.


Unlike more than 90% of our competitors, we bring the training and other services
directly to you, in your home.


This certificate allows John to work with the toughest cases of aggression, poor behavior, and training difficulties. Completion of it has also allowed John to learn the most accurate and rapid ways of training emotional support and PTSD support animals, search and rescue dogs, and accelerant detection dogs, and of course general obedience training.


John Bellocchio's SAR certificate

This license certifies that John has completed his training and allows him to work within all required national standards to train a dog for search and rescue.


These master and professional Doctoral degrees allow John to understand the required counseling behaviors necessary to build a strong dog to human or dog to dog bond.

Bloodborne Pathogens:

This Bloodborne Pathogens license allows John to respond accordingly and safely to all bleeding injuries, regardless of if the injury is to a human or to a canine.

Chemical Assisted Suicides:

This license allows John to work the scene in the field of search and rescue safely in the event of an overdose or other chemical death without disturbing the crime scene.

New York State Dignity of All Students Act and New York State Mandated Reporter Act Certificates:

These licenses allow John to have a full understanding of the spectrum of all disabilities that Emotional Support and PTSD dogs can aid. These licenses have full reciprocity in all 49 other states.

Crime Scene Investigation Protocols and Helicopters in SAR:

These licenses allow John to teach how to safely work a crime scene in search and rescue and accelerant detection work without disturbing the crime scene, and also how to work with a responding helicopter, whether the dog is in or out of the huey.

FEMA Incident Command Licenses:

When teaching Search and Rescue or Accelerant Detection, being familiar with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) is key. These licenses allow John to teach this vitally important concept to dog handlers and also adequately prepare them to take the course that will likely be required of them.