Pre-Trained Service and Support Dogs


Family posing with service dogs inside of school

The Benefits of Support Dogs

Do you think you could benefit from having a service dog to help you deal with a physical disability? Or did a mental health professional tell you that you should consider welcoming a support dog into your life to help you manage an emotional disability? At Fetch and More, we specialize in providing service and support dogs for those who need them. You can trust us to train a service or support dog properly so that you can start using one to your advantage right away.

Service Dogs for Physical and Emotional Issues

If you’re physically disabled and struggle to perform daily tasks on your own, you will be amazed to see what a notable difference a service dog will make in your life. Put simply, the right service dog can help transform your life. When you obtain a service dog from Fetch and More, you can feel rest assured knowing that they’ll help you each and every day. From guiding you as you make your way down the street to picking up things that you may have dropped, a service dog from Fetch and More will assist you in many ways and make your life easier.

Psychiatric Service Animals

Our support dogs are often used to assist those struggling with emotional issues. Our psychiatric service dogs can help you deal with the grind of mental health issues.

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Couple posing with their service dogs