Explore our range of services designed to meet your needs.


Explore our range of services designed to meet your needs.

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Virtual Disability Support

We understand the unique challenges individuals with disabilities face. Navigating life with a disability can be challenging, and we aim to lighten the burden through our virtual service animal training and disability support services.

Homes for Hounds

The purpose of Good Homes for Great Hounds is to partner dogs in need of a home inGreat Hound Sitting in the Backseat of a Car the custody of the Bergen County Animal Shelter with veterans in need, the elderly, the sick, and those who generally cannot afford a dog.

Cold Case Investigation

We have decades of expertise in animal behavior, document analysis, and cold case investigations. Led by our lead trainer, John Bellocchio, our commitment to excellence and dedication to client needs has led us on a nationwide journey, providing critical services directly to clients wherever they are located.

Drug Pricing Advocacy

The issue of high drug prices has been a hot topic in the United States for many years. The soaring cost of prescription drugs has become a major concern for patients, healthcare providers, and policymakers alike. Fetch and More can and will advocate on your behalf to get you the prescriptions you need at a cost you can afford. Please contact us for pricing and to schedule a callback, using

Why Choose Fetch And More?

check_circle Virtual House

It is very important to get your pup ready to live indoors. We will train your pup to follow basic commands like sit, stay & down and ensure that your pup learns to relieve himself outside of your home.

check_circle Virtual
Search & Rescue

We can train your pup for tracking, trailing, or cadaver search. We consider each individual, each dog, and each situation unique. Please contact us for details on this type of training.

check_circle Virtual Disability
Support Services

Fetch and More is happy to announce that we will begin offering disability support services. Our lead trainer, John Bellocchio, is an expert on advocating for the disabled through many effective means.

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