Emotional Support Anxiety & PTSD

We value more than anything the relationship, the bond, between dog and human. Accordingly, we work hard at teaching your dog proxemics – the science of being close to you and providing comfort. We also teach the dog to “cue in” to your anxiety or panic attack triggers and abandon whatever else they may be doing and come to you to provide support.

We often combine obedience training into this package to ensure that you have a dog that, in accordance with the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act, you can take anywhere, any time, without having to worry about complaints from restaurant and hotel owners and managers. This is also ideal training for those who live in an apartment with an emotional support animal.

There is nothing more important to us than giving those in need of a support animal a dog they can rely on, and we work tirelessly to ensure that when we are done, you have a reliable, loving,comforting support animal who functions in accordance with federal regulations. Unlike our competitors, we work with you at the conclusion of the training to register your dog on the ESA registry, filling out all required paperwork, at no extra expense.