Virtual Emotional and Anxiety Service Dog Training

Hand petting dog

More than anything, we value the relationship – an incredibly deep bond – between dog and human.  We know that dogs make sickness and pain easier, can prevent suicide, and bring healing to PTSD and other unspeakable traumas.  In the modern world in which we live, PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety are spiraling, impacting even the youngest among us.


Our emotional support animals – properly called psychiatric service dogs as they ARE full-fledged service dogs – accompany our clients to school, to work, for travel including for work and leisure, and even around the world.

The work we do in this area is challenging for both canine and human, and builds and unbreakable bond between the two.  Our clients with these dogs have been able to cut back on medication, work with therapists, and conquer their fears.

Our programs are done virtually, and every client receives a lifetime guarantee for the life of the dog.  We will also advocate for you with hotels, landlords, hospitals, and others to ensure your ADA rights are never compromised.

*We understand that in the current economy, these dogs are all the more necessary.  Accordingly, please speak with us about the possibility of an interest-free payment plan.


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