Man posing with dog in a scenic canyon

Due to the impact of COVID, the rising rate of suicide, and the rising rate of substance abuse among every demographic of the population, the demand for search and rescue dogs has never been higher.  In addition, the rate of individuals living alone who have Alzheimer’s or other cognitive diseases has also skyrocketed due to the major expense of supervised living.  Many of these individuals will leave their homes at the worst possible time of night and in dangerous weather, searching for safety.

We also work to train dogs for fire accelerant, bomb detection, and narcotics detection work, including opioid detection.

PLEASE NOTE that contrary to popular belief, Search and Rescue is entirely privately governed in the United States, and while different private associations have different standards, there is no universal standard.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE that Fetch and More only trains dogs to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) standards, and handlers are trained to the same standards.  This is for your safety and the safety of your dog, since incident command language is managed by FEMA and not governed by any of the private, unofficial regulatory bodies or associations.

Having a fully trained and certified Search and Rescue Dog can impact your Department, your community, and even your family for the better.  We would be honored to help you craft a plan specific to your Department!