Professional Cold Case & Document Analysis

Dog and Police Officer Posing on a HillAt Fetch and More, we have decades of expertise in animal behavior, document analysis, and cold case investigations. Led by our lead trainer, John Bellocchio, our commitment to excellence and dedication to client needs has led us on a nationwide journey, providing critical services directly to clients wherever they are located.

Cold Case Analysis

Our Professional Cold Case Analysis service offers a thorough review of cold cases, incorporating meticulous document analysis and canine search and rescue when needed. With over 20 years of experience in document research, John Bellocchio brings a unique perspective to cold case analysis. Our cold case research can be conducted by phone, email, or on-site. We will also bring a search dog into an area for those needing to find a loved one and, while on-site, explore every avenue both locally and nationally. We handle each case with absolute confidentiality, diligence, and professional insight, ensuring that every possible avenue of inquiry is thoroughly explored.

Document Investigation

Document investigation is an in-depth examination and analysis of all case-related documents. These documents may include police reports, statements, and evidence logs. The goal of this is to gain new insight, follow overlooked leads, or spot inconsistencies that could lead to breakthroughs in stagnant or unresolved cases. A detail-oriented approach is the backbone of our Document Investigation service. John’s extensive background in related fields provides an unparalleled understanding of complex documents. With the ability to conduct research remotely via phone, we maintain flexibility and convenience for our clients while ensuring comprehensive, professional document analysis.

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Whether you need to understand more about the process, are curious about timelines, or want to understand the role of our trained dogs in investigations, we’re ready to provide answers. We believe in transparency and clear communication to give you peace of mind. We offer a tailored approach to meet your needs and provide answers to your most challenging questions. Contact us today to bring our years of experience, canine expertise, and in-depth analysis to your case.