All About Search and Rescue Dogs

Search and rescue dogs, sometimes called SAR Dogs, are being utilized more and more frequently. There are some misconceptions about what search and rescue dogs do or how they do their job. Below are two questions most people wonder about Search and Rescue dogs!

What Do They Do?

Search and rescue dogs do exactly that: search and rescue. They are often brought to sites of natural disasters to help find survivors. In an everyday way, they are often used to help locate people with Alzheimer’s or Dementia who may have wandered from their home or care facility. With the unfortunate rise of opioid abuse, they are also used to find people who may have gone missing due to overdosing on drugs.

How Do They Do It?

There are certain types of SAR dogs. While all utilize their keen sense of smell, some use it differently. Air-scenting dogs follow scents in the air until they find the origin. Trailing dogs follow scents left behind on the environment and vegetation.

Typically, air-scenting dogs are released in highly probable areas, such as a general area where someone was last seen, or at the scene of a disaster. Trailing dogs are typically taken to the last known point where the missing person was seen, or where a piece of evidence of the missing person was found.

This is a brief clip of one of our desensitization drills, where dogs being trained are exposed to a wide array of sights, commands, and sounds. To view the full training, click here!

Handlers typically remain close by, but if they are not (hey- sometimes dogs are way faster than us!), the dogs will usually bark or return to the handler and guide them to the spot. Sometimes these different types of SAR dogs work together- this is typically seen in times of disaster.

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