Category: Virtual Dog Training

Preparing For Virtual Dog Training With Fetch and More

A photo of a person using positive reinforcement training and offering their dog a small treat

At Fetch and More, we’ve made the switch to virtual training. Not only is this more accessible, but our flexible virtual learning plan ensures that you can move through the course and its information in whatever way works best for you. Each course has its own learning materials full of information, advice, tips, and instructions…. Read more »

How to Identify and Alleviate Anxiety in Dogs

Mix breed dog with blue eyes laying on the floor looking sad and anxious

Just like humans, dogs experience anxiety that manifests in various behaviors. When unaddressed, this anxiety can cause further stress for both the dog and the owner. Though the causes and reactions can be difficult to identify, understanding and addressing these signs is crucial. Below, we’ll go over some common causes, signs, and solutions to help… Read more »