Preparing For Virtual Dog Training With Fetch and More

At Fetch and More, we’ve made the switch to virtual training. Not only is this more accessible, but our flexible virtual learning plan ensures that you can move through the course and its information in whatever way works best for you.

Each course has its own learning materials full of information, advice, tips, and instructions. While each one will tell you exactly what you need (and we’re always here to help, too!), we wanted to discuss some general ways you can be more prepared for virtual training.

What Do You Need For Virtual Dog Training?

Depending on the course you have signed up for, certain items may be of benefit. However, in general, we suggest:

  • High-value treats, such as processed cheese or sliced deli ham. These treats incentive dogs, and when used only in training, will further strengthen the positive reinforcement of training. 
  • Sturdy leash (ideally 4-6 feet in length).
  • High-quality collar or harness.
  • Portable water bowl (and water).
  • Charged phone/recording device.
  • Supplementary training devices, such as a clicker if you are incorporating clicker training.

Note: While service dogs are not required to wear an identifying vest, some choose to get a “service dog in training” (or identifying) vest. While the choice is entirely yours, we recommend waiting to order your vest until you are enrolled in your training classes since most vest shops require verification.

What to Expect With Virtual Dog Training

The number one thing to expect with our training courses is that your dog will learn. Your dog may expertly listen and retain one day and be distracted the next – and that’s okay. Each dog is different, and it’s important to accept that the time it takes to learn is fluid.

With over two decades of experience in dog training and education, we’ve seen it all. As such, we’ve structured our courses to be effective for both dogs and their handlers. With us at Fetch and More, you can count on us for support, education, and guidance.

How to Prepare for Virtual Dog Training

Preparing for virtual dog training is simple – continue with your normal routine. There’s no need to try to train in preparation for your course (in fact, it could be detrimental if you do).

It may sound cliché, but it’s important to expect the unexpected – both positive and negative. It’s helpful to begin practicing some form of radical acceptance regarding training. Try as we might, we can’t directly communicate with dogs, and it’s important to accept that training will come with ups and downs.

With us at Fetch and More, you have a support system to help. You can reach out to us at any time during training with questions, concerns, or anything at all. We will help guide you through any hiccups and be there to celebrate the wins with you.

Sign Up for Virtual Dog Training

As you begin your training journey, you should have the utmost confidence in yourself, your dog, and us here at Fetch and More. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve successfully trained dogs for all manner of needs – from SAR dogs to psychiatric service dogs and everything in between. Visit our virtual training courses page to get started.

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