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What Can Emotional Service Dogs Help With?

A man hugging his emotional service animal.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, making it the perfect time to discuss what exactly emotional service dogs can help with. Emotional support dogs do more than just offer companionship – they are specially trained to provide comfort and support to individuals facing various mental and physical health challenges. They can help with a wide… Read more »

How To Keep Your Emotional Service Dog Enriched

Two black lab puppies in vests playing on green grass

Enrichment is important for all dogs, including emotional service dogs. However, it isn’t as simple as picking up a toy or taking them to a dog park – these loyal companions need a unique approach to play and care. Proper care is paramount for emotional service dogs, and every aspect of their care contributes to… Read more »

What Do Emotional Support Dogs Help With?

golden retriever resting its head on its owners shoulders.

Emotional support dogs are an important part of many lives. Not only can they provide constant companionship and comfort, but they have been proven to alleviate the impact of mental crises. Below are how emotional service dogs can help with anxiety, depression, and PTSD.   Anxiety It is estimated that 31% of the American population experiences or… Read more »

Common Misconceptions About Psychiatric Service Dogs

A young woman holding her collie and giving it a kiss on the cheek.

Psychiatric service dogs are an integral part of society. They provide relief for many conditions, aid in alleviating symptoms, and have continuously been shown to improve quality of life. Unfortunately, there are a few misconceptions about psychiatric service dogs. Below we explain two of the most common misconceptions about psychiatric service dogs. They Must Wear A… Read more »

Benefits of Veterans Having Psychiatric Service Dogs

dog sitting by the feet of a soldier

September was suicide awareness month, so it is important to continue talking about suicide and our troops. Veterans have a high rate of suicide. In 2021, it was found that since 9/11, 30,177 veterans have died by suicide. To put that into perspective, in the same amount of time, 7,057 service members died in combat,… Read more »

Just How Can Dogs Sense Our Emotions?

A sad elderly woman hugging a dog

While we discussed the importance of psychiatric service dogs and the benefits they provide, you may still be wondering, “how?”. This is a fair question- and it is one that, truthfully, many scientists are still studying! While many scientists are still figuring out the exact how, they have come to some conclusions that they are focusing in… Read more »

The Importance of Psychiatric Service Dogs

Therapy dog in a red vest with a teddy bear next to it

With the COVID-19 pandemic came a large uptick in mental health crises. The past two years have been hard on just about everyone, whether prior conditions were worsened by isolation or the bombardment of news bringing on new fears, leading to agoraphobia, anxiety, panic disorders, and depression. With this, many have begun to utilize emotional… Read more »