How To Keep Your Emotional Service Dog Enriched

Enrichment is important for all dogs, including emotional service dogs. However, it isn’t as simple as picking up a toy or taking them to a dog park – these loyal companions need a unique approach to play and care. Proper care is paramount for emotional service dogs, and every aspect of their care contributes to their overall health and ability to perform their duties effectively. Understanding how to engage with your emotional service dog enhances their well-being while maintaining their training and focus.

Playing with Your Emotional Service Dog the Right Way

Your emotional service dog is a unique blend of a supportive companion and a trained professional. Unlike regular pets, they require specific play routines that don’t detract from their training. It’s crucial not to let others pet or distract them, as this can dilute their focus on their essential duties. However, this doesn’t mean your furry friend can’t have fun! Outside of limiting outside distractions, there aren’t many restrictions when playing with your pup. Some owners avoid games like tug-of-war, as it can lead to some confusion with their dog, especially if one of their tasks is bringing an item, like medication, directly to the owner. If that’s the case with you, you can always opt for games like fetch! Make sure your pup drops the ball or toy right in your hand, and be sure to give them lots of praise for a job well done.

Ensuring Enrichment and Stimulation

Just like us, emotional service dogs crave mental and physical stimulation. It’s vital to incorporate activities that keep them sharp and engaged. A few ways to provide some extra enrichment and stimulation are:

  • Puzzle toys
  • Lick mats
  • Longer walks outside
  • Hiding treats around the house
  • Filled Kongs
  • Training
  • Durable chew toys

Thanks to technology, there are also accessible apps and devices, such as automatic ball launchers, that help ensure that your dog gets the exercise and play they need, without any physical strain on your part. These activities entertain and hone their skills, making them even better at their job. Plus, it’s a wonderful way for you to connect with your pup!

Training Your Emotional Service Dog

When it comes down to it, one of the best ways to keep your dog enriched is training. In today’s digital age, convenience and flexibility are key – virtual training for your emotional service dog offers just that. Whether you want to begin training your dog to do specific help actions, or they need a brush up on their house training, virtual training provides a way to effectively train your dog, right from your home.

At Fetch and More, our team of certified professionals is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring your dog remains an effective and supportive companion. Our virtual training services can provide effective and compassionate training no matter where you are located. We always have been, and continue to be, dedicated to helping your dog become the best version of themselves. Contact us today to discuss your needs and learn more!

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