House Training

Our house training program comes in two concierge training options where we come directly to you:  a 5 day “bootcamp program,” and a six non-consecutive day program.

Dog laying down in the water

Your pup or dog – of any age, including rescues – will learn to relieve themselves outside, learn recall, which is one of the most important things you can teach your dog, getting him to come to you on immediate command may save his life one day!  We also teach the basics like sit and stay, along with crate training.  Another important task that will be taught is “leave it,” another vital command that will stop your dog from eating things he shouldn’t, chewing your furniture or other sensitive items…including other dogs!

We will also teach long and short leash walking, as they are very different but can greatly improve the quality of life between you and your dog!

At Fetch and More, we focus on training the dog while teaching the dog’s human – you – for a perfectly in sync relationship.