Virtual Dog Training Programs

Dog laying down in the waterAt Fetch and More, we understand the diverse needs of dogs and their owners. Our skilled team, led by our experienced behaviorist John Bellocchio, will individualize their approach to meet these needs effectively. Dogs of all ages can benefit from our training (yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!), whether it’s learning basic commands or mastering advanced skills.

We offer a variety of specialized virtual training sessions, including our Virtual Dog Training Bootcamp and Virtual  House Training Program. Whichever option you pick, we come directly to you and train your dog in a familiar environment for them.

Virtual Dog Training Bootcamp

Our all-inclusive virtual  Dog Training Bootcamp offers a blend of essential training programs designed to bring the best out of your canine companion. The program spans five consecutive days, with each day featuring tailored activities to maximize your dog’s learning potential.

Virtual Dog House Training

Our virtual house training program provides a wealth of knowledge. Over six non-consecutive days, we train your dog essential commands and house behaviors, resulting in an improved relationship between you and your dog. Training dogs to operate in home settings requires a high level of expertise, and at fetch and more, we have over two decades of experience!

What We Teach

Just like humans, every dog comes to us with a different level of experience. We tailor our programs to fit the needs of our clients, but some of our training includes:

Housebreaking: This training teaches your pet to relieve themselves outside and helps them understand that the inside of your home isn’t a bathroom. This keeps your home clean and odor free and alleviates anxiety for you and your dog.

Recall: Recall training is about teaching your dog to come back to you on immediate command. This can be lifesaving and is one of the most important commands your dog can learn.

“Leave it”: This training teaches your pet to ignore or walk away from distractions and potential harm. It can help your dog from eating things they shouldn’t, chewing on items like chairs or shoes, and can help if your dog is in an altercation with another dog.

Long and short leash walking: Different leashes result in very different walks. We will review both options with you and train your dog for both, eliminating you or your dog getting pulled.

Crate training: This teaches your pet to view the crate as a safe space to relax, rather than a punishment. This can alleviate their anxiety around travel and being left alone (it can also bring you peace of mind!).

Get Started Today

At Fetch and More, we dedicate ourselves to equipping dogs and their owners with essential skills and knowledge for an in-sync and safe relationship. Our training programs have a singular goal: To foster a harmonious bond between you and your dog.

Reach out today to discuss your needs and learn how Fetch and More can help you and your dog.

Owner and Two Dogs Posing by a Lake