Common Misconceptions About Psychiatric Service Dogs

Psychiatric service dogs are an integral part of society. They provide relief for many conditions, aid in alleviating symptoms, and have continuously been shown to improve quality of life. A young woman holding her collie and giving it a kiss on the cheek.

Unfortunately, there are a few misconceptions about psychiatric service dogs. Below we explain two of the most common misconceptions about psychiatric service dogs.

They Must Wear A Vest

A common myth is that your psychiatric service dog must always wear a vest. This is not, nor has it ever been, true. Your dog must follow local leash laws, but other than that, their attire is entirely up to you.

Some owners opt to put their psychiatric service dogs in vests, citing that it helps the public know not to disturb the dog with pets or attention. However, others feel it may draw unwanted attention or encourage people to ask personal questions about why the dog is needed.

It is entirely up to your discretion and comfort! Whatever you go with, know you are not required to have your dog in a marked vest.

Only Certain Dogs Can Be Psychiatric Service Dogs

For whatever reason, many think that only Labradors or German Shepherds are eligible to be psychiatric service dogs. This can cause unnecessary stress to those who have service dogs of a different breed, especially those who have service dogs of a “banned” breed, such as pit bulls.

Rest assured, any dog that can become a Psychiatric Service Dog will, regardless of breed. The most important factor in a psychiatric service dog is a strong bond. At Fetch and more, not only do we have service dogs available for you to welcome into your life, but we can also train your dog to become your supportive psychiatric service dog.

Psychiatric Service Dog Training

If you want to train your dog to become your psychiatric service dog, we here at Fetch and More would be honored to assist you. We recognize just how important the bond is, and how important it is to train your dog properly in your home and around your area. We truly care about you and your dog, which is why our behaviorists travel throughout 48 U.S. states directly to you.

Our training programs are highly detailed; with them, you receive a lifetime guarantee and unlimited support for the dog’s life. We will advocate for you should any place deny you entry, services, or housing, with your psychiatric service dog. A sad result of the above misconceptions is that people believe that psychiatric service dogs, and those who use them, must look and act a certain way. Our lead trainer has years of experience in dispute resolution, a personal investment in your well-being, and will fight for you every step of the way. We ensure your ADA Rights are always recognized and never comprised.

With over 20 years of experience throughout different areas and environments with different animals, various certifications, and high levels of education, we are well-versed and well-prepared. To begin your journey, visit us online or call us at 201-914-8268.

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