Just How Can Dogs Sense Our Emotions?

A sad elderly woman hugging a dog

While we discussed the importance of psychiatric service dogs and the benefits they provide, you may still be wondering, “how?”. This is a fair question- and it is one that, truthfully, many scientists are still studying!

While many scientists are still figuring out the exact how, they have come to some conclusions that they are focusing in on!

Below is one of the main factors of dogs being able to sense emotion, and how it can be utilized to impact lives for the better.



Multiple studies have been done on dogs and their ability to sense. Recently, CNN reported on a study that had striking results.

Four dogs participated in a study focused on if they can discriminate between a person’s baseline emotional state and the same person’s stressed state. The results? The four dogs participating in the study were able to identify the samples taken from a stressed in 93.8% of the trials!

Dogs keen sense of smell have so far been linked to identifying not only emotions, but medical conditions! Their other senses, such as hearing, have been linked to them identifying weather- which may explain why some dogs hide out hours before a thunderstorm!

This amazing olfactory prowess is also what makes them excellent for search and rescue, as well!

Click here to read the full study published in PLOS one journal. 


Taking dogs natural ability and honing it is really what makes an impact. While most dogs can sense our emotions, getting them to correlate it with an action, and recognize the signs again in the future takes time and dedication. If you want to train your dog to become your psychiatric service dog, we here at Fetch and More would be honored to assist you. We recognize just how important the bond is, and how important it is to train your dog properly in your home and around your area.

Our training programs are highly detailed; with them, you receive a lifetime guarantee and unlimited support for the dog’s life.

We will advocate for you should anyplace deny you entry, services, or housing, with your psychiatric service dog. We ensure your ADA Rights are always recognized, and never comprised.

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