Is Virtual Emotional Service Dog Training Just As Effective As In-Person?

The world is changing, and so are the ways we train our beloved four-legged friends. As we at Fetch and More prepare to transition to an all-virtual training method, we wanted to answer a common question: is virtual emotional service dog training just as effective as in-person training?

To answer bluntly: yes. The answer is yes.

Virtual training isn’t a second-best option; when done right, it’s a fantastic alternative to in-person sessions—especially when backed by a professional company with a wealth of experience like ours. But don’t just take our word for it – below are just a few of the reasons how virtual emotional service dog training is just as effective as in-person training.

Virtual Training Provides Convenient Scheduling and a Consistent Environment

Dogs are incredibly adaptable, and whether virtual or in-person, almost any dog can become a psychiatric or emotional service animal with proper training. From the beginning, we at Fetch and More have understood the importance of a consistent and familiar environment for every dog. As such, we’ve always prioritized your schedule and traveled directly to each of our clients—which has only been made easier by switching to a virtual training model.

Every dog is unique and has their own way of learning and communicating. Just like us, dogs behave differently in unfamiliar settings, which can impact training. Similarly, while most dogs readily respond to training, some can be a bit shy (or excited!) around new people, which can delay in-person training. Our virtual training can eliminate the many variables that can come with in-person training, offers convenient scheduling, and ensures your dog is learning in a familiar space.

Our shift to an online model isn’t just about comfort—it’s about adapting to your dynamic lifestyle. You receive the benefits of our top-of-the-line training and the benefits of the training incorporating your local settings, distractions, and interactions that will occur in your day-to-day.

Benefits of Virtual Emotional Service Dog Training

While there are many benefits of virtual training, we wanted to highlight two of the main ones:

Flexibility: We know life can be unpredictable. Whether your dog isn’t up to it, you’re experiencing pain flare-ups, mental health challenges, or even if it’s simply just one of those off days, virtual training offers the freedom to prioritize self-care.

Accessibility: Accessibility is integral to what we do, and we are personally invested in your well-being. Even virtually, as we help train your emotional service dog, we ensure your ADA Rights are always recognized and will fight for you every step of the way, advocating on your behalf should any place deny you entry, services, or housing with your emotional service dog.

How To Pick The Best Virtual Emotional Service Dog Training Company

Ensuring you’re working with a reputable company is crucial, but it can be overwhelming. Outside of using your best judgment, here are some quick tips to help guide you:

  • Opt for places that prioritize thorough training over instant certification.
  • Review a company’s testimonials and reviews to gauge their effectiveness.
  • Check the experience and certifications of the company.
  • Evaluate the company’s training approach for its depth and methodology.

Companies that prioritize collaboration, education, and ongoing support stand out from the crowd. Your pup deserves the best, so invest time choosing a partner that’s up to the task!

Effective Virtual Emotional Service Dog Training

Training effectiveness is largely dependent on who is doing the training.  At Fetch and More, it’s not just about training the dog but educating you, the owner, to be an effective handler. Our training programs are highly detailed, and our years of experience, training, and certifications ensure that our training methods are top-of-the-line. With us, you receive a lifetime guarantee and unlimited support for the dog’s life.

We always have been, and continue to be, dedicated to helping your dog become the best version of themselves. Contact us today to learn more about our virtual emotional service dog training services!

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