Protection Dog Training Course

This comprehensive training course for guard, attack, security and self-protection dogs will equip owners and trainers with the necessary knowledge and skills to train and maintain a highly skilled and reliable working dog. With a strong foundation in the dog’s natural instincts and drives, along with effective training techniques and exposure to real-world scenarios, the dog will be able to fulfill its purpose of protecting and serving its owner and community. Remember, a well-trained working dog is not only a valuable asset but also a beloved member of the family.

*PLEASE NOTE: This course must be taken very seriously. A well-trained guard dog is equivalent to a gun that is well taken care of, and has the safety in place. Ignoring the rules of this course, using YouTube or other social media sites to “add on” training from unqualified individuals, etc., will result in dismissal from the course without recourse or refund. Please also note that you must check local and state insurance codes – you may be required to list your guard dog on your homeowner’s insurance and/or report the dog’s training to a local or state body. Regulations vary greatly, but follow the same general format. You should contact your local City Clerk or Police Chief if you are unclear at all.