For Pennsylvania dog owners, Fetch and More is here to provide you with a wide variety of virtual dog training services. From Search and Rescue to Virtual House Training, we have the expertise, certification, and experience to get your furry buddy trained properly for the right environment.

Emotional Support Anxiety & PTSD

Building up a trustful relationship with you and your dog is very important when it comes to PTSD and anxiety. No matter what you’re going through, we can train your dog to be responsive in cases of panic attacks or comfort and support when you need it.

Search & Rescue

The demand for search and rescue dogs is growing exponentially. This is due to natural disasters, wildfires, missing persons, and elderly health issues. We have the ability to train your dog under federal standards and certifications of SAR TECH III for search and rescue missions in Pennsylvania.

House Training

Our virtual house training services in Pennsylvania consist of either a 5-day “bootcamp” program or a six non-consecutive day training program to help you and your dog build a trustworthy relationship and bond when it comes to behavior and commands in the house.

Disability Support Services

Our virtual disability support services are run by lead trainer John Bellocchio. We’re here to help enforce compliance and guarantee your rights. John can mediate any disputes between you and those denying your rights. Our disability support services are offered for an additional fee if you have your service animals trained by us or if you already have a service dog.

Why Choose Fetch and More?

With our dedicated training staff, you’ll be able to get all of the virtual dog training services you need in order to have you and your dog live a long-lasting and peaceful life. Contact Fetch and More at 201-914-8268 today if you’re living in Pennsylvania.