Dog Training Services in New York

Dog training is extremely important for your dog’s growth and behavior. It can be very difficult to train a puppy or a dog that has not had prior training. Sometimes it’s tough to make the time to train your dog properly due to work, school, and other tasks you have to take care of. This is why Fetch and More is here to help with all of your dog training service needs.


Emotional Support Anxiety & PTSD


The relationship and the bond between you and your dog is extremely important. Our dog training experts provide training for your dog in proxemics, which is the science of being close to you and providing comfort. Anxiety and PTSD can result in panic attacks, which can be frightening for you. Our dogs are trained to respond immediately and come to you to provide comfort and support.


Search & Rescue


Search and rescue has become more demanding over the years due to natural disasters, wildfires, and other situations of missing person situations. In New York, we have certified trainers under SAR TECH III in accordance with federal law to train dogs for search and rescue. We work with police and fire departments, emergency squads, and more!


House Training


You may just want simple house training for your dog. This is fairly common, which can help you and your dog build up trust and obedience. Our 5-day “bootcamp” program or our six non-consecutive day program will help teach your dog basic commands for living at home.


Disability Support Services


No matter what disabilities you’re dealing with, you should be receiving help. If you need help with any disputes or disability support services, Fetch and More is here to help. John Bellocchio has the experience and certification to mediate any dispute causing those to deny your rights. It’s only an additional fee for those who have their service animals trained by us and for those who already have a service dog.


Why Choose Fetch and More?


With our years of experience and expertise in dog training services, we can provide you and your dog the proper training and care you need to live a fulfilled life with them. Contact Fetch and More at 201-914-8268 for dog training services in New York.