Dog Training Services in New Hampshire

Emotional & Anxiety Support Training Services For Dogs in New Hampshire

Whether you want to have a new puppy house trained as soon as possible or you would like to learn more about having an older dog trained to be an emotional support animal, you can rely on Fetch and More to get the job done. Our lead trainer John Bellocchio, M. Phil., Ed.S., CCDT, PPG provides emotional and anxiety support training services for dogs in New Hampshire as well as many other services that can benefit both you and your beloved dog.

Dog Training Services in New Hampshire

From basic house training classes to the aforementioned emotional and anxiety support training services for dogs in New Hampshire, we have something for dogs of all ages. We can even help train aggressive dogs and dogs with anxiety-related behaviors. Find out more about our specific dog training services below.

Emotional Support Anxiety & PTSD

It’s not easy trying to work your way through life when you have mental health ailments like anxiety, PTSD, and more hanging over your head. Fetch and More can help you manage them more effectively by turning your dog into an emotional support animal. Our emotional and anxiety support training services for dogs are designed to train dogs so that they can help those suffering from most of the conditions that are recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Search & Rescue

Although it can be quite the challenge trying to train a dog to carry out search and rescue missions, Fetch and More can do it using our advanced dog training services. In the past, we’ve helped many dogs learn how track, trail and even cadaver searches. We can speak with you more about your needs and create a customized search and rescue training program for your dog.

House Training

Trying to house train a puppy or even a slightly older dog on your own can be a frustrating experience. Fetch and More can step in and help with the house training process. We use tried-and-true techniques to teach your dog not to go to the bathroom in the house. We’ll also provide you with some pointers that will help you know when your dog needs to go outside.

Disability Support Services

Over the years, Fetch and More has helped train quite a few dogs to serve as service dogs for those with disabilities. Recently, we’ve also started to offer disability support services for people who feel as though they’ve had their rights denied. We’ll advocate on your behalf when and use a combination of legal research, networking, and connecting with government agencies to guarantee your rights remain intact at all times. We’ll fight hard for you to make sure your rights aren’t denied any longer.

To learn more about our services, contact Fetch and More at 201-914-8268.