Dog Training Services in New England

Extensive House Training & Boot Camp Classes For Dogs in New England

Are you having a really tough time house training a puppy? Would you like to train a dog to serve as an emotional support animal for you or a fellow family member? Or do you wish you could turn a dog into a search and rescue dog capable of carrying out search missions in a hurry? If so, Fetch and More is here to help.

Our lead trainer John Bellocchio, M. Phil., Ed.S., CCDT, PPG provides extensive house training and boot camp classes for dogs in New England. We can assist you with dogs of all ages and temperaments and specialize in training aggressive dogs who most other trainers would be unable to work with.

Dog Training Services in New England

We offer a wide variety of dog training services available to our customers in New England, including:

Emotional Support Anxiety & PTSD

If you’re someone who suffers from a mental health issue like anxiety or PTSD, you could benefit greatly from having an emotional support dog by your side. Fetch and More can train your dog to deliver the emotional support you need. We can transform a dog that is almost any age into an emotional support animal who can assist those dealing with any condition recognized by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Search & Rescue

There is nothing easy about training a dog to take part in search and rescue missions. But you should know that it can be done when you count on a company like Fetch and More. We enjoy the challenge that comes along with trying to teach dogs how to conduct tracking, trailing, and cadaver searches. We can discuss what kinds of search and rescue missions you plan on carrying out with your dog and create a personalized program tailored to your needs.

House Training

While some puppies and dogs can be house trained quickly, others might present more of a problem if you attempt to do it on your own. This is where Fetch and More can step in and help you with your house training troubles. Our extensive house training and boot camp classes for dogs in New England allow us to house train dogs of all ages so that their owners can get them to go outside to use the bathroom. You won’t have to worry about your dog going to the bathroom in your home anymore once we’re done with our training sessions.

Disability Support Services

For years, Fetch and More has helped train dogs to assist those with disabilities. One of the things that we’ve noticed over time is that many of these people report having their rights denied because of their disabilities. We’ve set out to do something about this by offering disability support services. If you feel as though your rights have been infringed upon, we can use legal research, networking, and more to fight on your behalf.

Reach out to Fetch and More at 201-914-8268 for more information.