Virtual Specialized Dog Training Programs & Behavioral Specialist

Many people think owning a dog will be as easy as feeding them, taking them on walks, playing, and cuddling all day. The truth is, however, if you want your dog to live a good life and have a good relationship with you, investing time and effort in training is essential.

At Fetch and More, training is our life’s work, not just a job. We take our commitment to building relationships between dogs and their humans very seriously. Our team travels up and down the Eastern Seaboard, from Maine to North Carolina and west through all of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and as far west as Michigan to train dogs—within this geographic region, there is no distance too far! We specialize in a variety of different types of virtual dog training, including the toughest cases, to help dogs and their owners live a happy life together.


Virtual Dog Obedience Training & Aggression Cases

Going through general obedience training is the first step on any dog’s training journey. In our virtual obedience training program, we virtually come to your home to teach your dog how to master basic commands like sit, stay, down, and leave it. We also cover virtual potty training, virtual crate training, and virtual long and short leash walking. Although our focus is on your dog, we teach you at the same time the best training strategies to help you and your pup develop a perfectly in sync relationship.

If your dog needs to go beyond basic obedience to address aggressive behaviors, our lead instructor John Bellocchio is highly experienced in this area as well. He can work with the toughest of animals to correct poor and aggressive behavior.

Dog Taking a Walk in a River Dog Sitting Nicely on a Silver Leash

Virtual PTSD & Emotional Support Animal Training

Dogs naturally provide us with endless love and comfort, but with emotional support training we can teach you how to harness that for even more support for conditions such as PTSD, anxiety, and depression. In this training, your dog will learn how to recognize signs of emotional distress and soothe you in response. We can also train service dogs for physical and other emotional disabilities. This challenging work will strengthen your bond even further.


Search & Rescue Dog Training

Dogs have taken on important roles in society for generations, including search and rescue work. Fetch and More can train your pup to track, trail, and find cadavers in our search and rescue training program. In addition to or separately from search and rescue, we can also train dogs in fire accelerant detection for government entities, police and fire departments, and emergency squads.

We view each client and each dog as an individual case, so we customize our specialized training programs to your specific needs and goals (and price our services based on your program). To learn more or enlist Fetch and More’s dog training services, email us at jb@fetchandmore.com or give us a call at 201-914-8268 today!