Good Homes for Great Hounds

Mission Statement: The purpose of Good Homes for Great Hounds is to partner dogs in need of a home inGreat Hound Sitting in the Backseat of a Car the custody of the Bergen County Animal Shelter with veterans in need, the elderly, the sick, and those who generally cannot afford a dog. At a minimal cost, Fetch and More/John Bellocchio provide training to the rescued dog to become either an Emotional Support Dog, Psychiatric Support Dog, or Service Dog. This program partners dogs in need with those in need – nothing is more magical than the union between an individual in need of a dog and a dog in need of a home. As those of us who work with dogs know, they want nothing more than to give back: to give love, support, and comfort, and this partnership with the Bergen County Animal Shelter allows us to serve the needs of the County, those in need of a dog, and the dogs themselves. Fetch and More also provides one year of follow up training at no cost and ensures that veterinary services are in place to provide the rescued dogs the best of medical care.

*There is no cost to the County of Bergen for this program.Department of Health Services Bergen County New Jersey